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5 Common AC Problems in Florida You Could Face

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Air conditioning is a necessity in Florida especially as we enter into the warmest months of the year. As a homeowner, having a dependable HVAC unit is so important to staying comfortable year-round. If you have an older AC unit the reality is that things may go wrong with your system.

Below are five of the some of the most common ac problems in Florida you could face and what you can do to troubleshoot and fix them:

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  • Plugged Condensate Drain: This is usually an easy problem to fix at home. The symptoms of a plugged condensate drain are that everything is running fine inside the house, but when you go and look at your air handler there is a big puddle of water under it. Usually, it is because the drain line or the fitting is plugged. Once you clean out and clear the clog, the water should stop dripping.
  • Bad Capacitor: How do you know if a bad capacitor is to blame? Typically, the air indoor will be running and blowing warm air and the unit outside will not be running at all. If you go and check on the outdoor unit you may hear a buzzing sound every minute or so like it is trying to kick on, but does not. Reaching out to a trusted professional is the best option for fixing a bad capacitor.
  • Bad Control Board: If a bad control board is the problem, usually the air conditioner will do some strange things with the power to the fan and the unit and/or the fan monitor runs all the time. To troubleshoot the control board, you will need a meter to do this.
  • Low on Refrigerant: This problem is more of a challenge to deal with and more than likely you’ll need to call out an HVAC technician. You can usually tell if your low on refrigerant when everything is running inside and outside, yet the house is not cooling off. Or it is cooling off, but doesn’t get to the temperature you set it to. You could try to wash down the condenser unit outside to see if perhaps it is dirty and that is the cause.
  • Bad Condenser Fan Motor: If the fan inside is running, the compressor is running (until it overheats), but the condenser fan motor on top of the unit is not running, a bad condenser fan motor could be to blame. Typically, you may even see some steam or smoke coming from the top of the unit. If you believe the AC fan motor is bad, you should contact an expert HVAC technician to repair or replace parts.

The fastest, easiest, most cost-effective way to fix any of the above AC problems is to call Mason Air Conditioning and Heating today 727-433-9853 or schedule an appointment online. Our trained technicians at Mason Air Conditioning & Heating will evaluate your AC unit and provide you with a professional recommendation for any AC problem you may be facing.

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