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Ways You Can Save on AC Cooling Costs in Florida

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Summer officially begins in June, but for us Floridians, it has been feeling like summer for a few months now. With the increasing temperatures come increasing home energy costs. Nowadays more than ever, maintaining your home on a budget is extremely important for many. Thankfully, there are ways to cut the cost of cooling your home.

Here are 5 ways Florida homeowners can save on AC cooling costs:

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  • While upgrading your windows will surely help you keep the cool air inside your home, for many the cost is simply too high. Luckily, there are some other easier, more cost-effective options to helping your air stay in your home and not sneak out your windows. Consider investing in energy saving blinds, shades and/or curtains. Also, another tip would be to check your windows to see if they could benefit from some new weather stripping or even caulk.
  • When the weather is not “hot”, use fans instead of the air conditioner. According to the Florida Public Service Commission, your central air conditioner will use about 100 times more energy than a fan at medium speed. Another technique would be to try running your fans and the air conditioner at the same time, but set the air conditioner a few degrees higher than you normally do. With the breeze from the fans, you should feel as cool as you would at your normal comfortable temperature and you will ultimately reduce your energy costs.
  • How well is your home insulated, specifically your attic? If your attic is insulated properly, you will save money. A poorly insulated attic allows for cool air to escape through the roof, causing you money to literally blow away.
  • If you have an old AC unit, one of the best ways to save may be to replace your current unit with a new high-efficiency air conditioner. Over the last few years, the HVAC industry has made huge strides in producing more energy-efficiency units. With a new unit, it is possible to save anywhere from 20-40% of your cooling costs.
  • Having your AC unit serviced on a regular basis should not be underestimated. An inefficient air conditioner will raise your cooling cost and put added strain on your HVAC unit which may cause it to have a shorter lifespan. In addition to replacing your indoor air filters monthly, scheduling a tune-up at least once a year could save you money and future headaches.

If you are a Floridian and looking to save on your cooling costs, reach out to Mason Air Conditioning and Heating. We are family-owned and proudly serve Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and Bradenton areas.

Please call 727-433-9853 or contact us online to schedule your free consultation and see how we can help you save money on your AC cooling costs in Florida year-round.

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