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When to Replace Your HVAC System in Florida – 3 Major Indicators

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All good things come to an end, including your faithful HVAC system. In Florida, this is true even more so due to our warm yearly climate and active storm seasons that put our cooling units to the test year after year.

Your HVAC system in Florida is one of the largest investments you make in your home and getting a new one shouldn’t be taken lightly. Although many people tend to wait until their air conditioner completely stops working before replacing it, there are benefits to replacing your unit prior to its final decline. With a new AC unit, you will save on your energy bills and reap additional benefits like improved air quality and updated technology that comes with a brand-new unit.

Two obvious reasons you may need a new HVAC unit now would be if your current unit is 10 years of age or older or if your unit has been damaged either beyond repair or if the repair costs more than half the amount of a new unit. Additionally, here are three major indicators that it might be time to replace your HVAC system in your Florida home:

1) Increasing Utility Bills

It is normal for your electric bill to fluctuate especially as the seasons change from hot to hotter in Florida. I mean there are even a few days in winter you may need to turn on the heat! The problem with electric bill changes is when it is not consistent with the year prior. For example, if July 2021 was substantially lower than July 2022 and nothing has “changed”, this could be due to the inefficiency of your unit because of its age or an unaddressed issue. The best thing you can do is to schedule a maintenance call with a reputable AC company to further diagnose this issue.

2) The Temperature is Inconsistent  

As an HVAC system ages, it can be more of a battle to reach your ideal temperature throughout your home. While this could be caused by something simple that can ultimately be repaired, it is important to address it immediately to avoid a potentially worst scenario if left unchecked.

3) Weird Things Are Happening

Something smells weird? Is your AC unit making frightening haunting noises? Does your home feel stuffier than normal? Have you felt a decline in the overall air quality in your home – maybe you notice more, dust or even mold and mildew buildup. It is time to call in the professionals!

So, are you ready for a new HVAC unit? Or maybe you are not sure. If you have been experiencing any of these issues above, call Mason Air Conditioning & Heating today. Our team of experienced technicians can perform a thorough diagnostic check of your AC system and provide expert guidance on your next best move. Your AC system may be acting up because it simply needs some seasonal maintenance or you are in need of a new system. Whatever your situation, Mason Air Conditioning & Heating will provide you with advice you can trust at affordable prices. For assistance with repairs, maintenance, or new unit installation, please call 727-433-9853 or contact us online to schedule your free consultation today.

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